Giuseppe RESNATI



Prof. Resnati is full professor of Chemical Basis of Technologies at the Dep. of Chemistry, Materials, Chemical Engineering “G. Natta” of Politecnico di Milano since 2001. Before that, he was associate professor at the same university (since 1997) and Team Leader at the Inst. Molecular Science and Technology of the CNR in Milano. Research interests of Prof. Resnati are in the field of recognition and self-assembly phenomena with a particular attention to the role of halogen atoms. He introduced the concept of halogen bond, the concept is now receiving attention worldwide in the chemical community, and it is increasingly of interest to other scientist, e.g. biologists, pharmacologists, materials scientists. He studied various molecular materials and the way to control and tune their functional properties (e.g. self-assembled and fluorinated liquid crystals, non-linear optical materials, organic porous networks). He is interested in fluorine chemistry, encompassing new synthetic approaches based on perfluorinated catalyst, reagents, and solvents and the asymmetric synthesis of bioactive fluoroorganic compounds. He is author of more than three hundred and fifty original papers on high impact journals, of several reviews, of chapters in books, of entries in technical encyclopedias. He is the inventor of seven patents valid in most WTO countries. Prof. Resnati has been Guest Editor (2008) of three books on interactions involving halogen atoms (“Halogen Bonding: Fundamentals and Applications” Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2008; “Halogen Bonding I - Impact on Materials Chemistry and Life Sciences” Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2014; “Halogen Bonding II - Impact on Materials Chemistry and Life Sciences” Springer; Berlin, Heidelberg, 2015) and of several special issues of international journals (Tetrahedron,"Fluoroorganic Chemistry: Synthetic Challenges and Biomedical Rewards” (1996); J.Fluorine Chem., "Fluorine Chemistry in Italy" (2004), "Networks on Fluorine Chemistry Supported by the European Community" (1996); Cryst. Growth Des., "Halogen Bonding in Crystal Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications" (2011); CrystEngComm, "Halogen Bonding in Self-assembly Processes" (2012). Prof. Resnati was NATO Fellow (1990, Clemson, USA), fellow of the Japan Society for the Advancement of Science (2001, Nagoya University, Japan), and visiting professor at the Université Paris XI (France, 1993) and the Université de Strasbourg (France, 2012). He was awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry, “European Lecturship in Chemical Sciences”, 2010; by the Italian Chemical Society, “Intermolecular Interactions and Structural Aspects in Organic Chemistry”, 2008; by the Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, “Corrado Fuortes Award“, 1986. He has been University Associate at the Center for Nanosciences and Technology of the Italian Institute of Technology (2011-2014). He has taken part, as coordinator or contractor, in several projects of the European Union (projects HCM, TMR, RTN, COST, INTAS), of MIUR as national coordinator (FIRB 2011, PRIN 2003, 2005, 2008) or local coordinator (FIRB 2001, PRIN 1999, 2001), and of regional funding agencies (Fondazione Cariplo). Prof. Resnati is a member of the Commission on Structural Chemistry of IUCr (2011 …) and of the Italian National Committee for IUPAC (2012-2014, 2015-2018); has been chairman of IUPAC projects “Categorizing Halogen Bonding and Other Noncovalent Interactions Involving Halogen Atoms” (IUPAC, 2009-2011) and “Basic Terminology of Crystal Engineering” (IUPAC, 2013-…). He is, or has been, in the editorial board of some international journals (Il Farmaco, 1990-2000, Elsevier; J. Fluorine Chem., 2001 onwards, Elsevier; Cryst. Growth Des., 2012 onwards, ACS), in the Scientific Advisory Board of many international conferences and symposia (20th, 19th, 18th Intern. Symp. Fluorine Chem., Kyoto (Japan, 2012), Jackson Hole (USA, 2009), Bremen (Germany, 2006), respectively; 17th 16th, 15th, 14th Eur. Symp. Fluorine Chem., Paris (France, 2013), Bled (Slovenia, 2010); Prague (Czech Republic, 2007), Poznan (Poland, 2004), respectively; 1st, 2nd Indian Intern. Symp. Fluorine Chem., New Dehli (India, 2012) and Hiderabad (India, 2014); 6th and 7th Intern. Meeting Hal. Chem., Bangalore (India, 2012) and Czestochowa (Poland, 2015). He has been Chair of the 21st Intern. Symp. Fluorine Chem. (Como, Italy, 2015), 2nd ICSU/IUPAC Workshop on Cryst. Eng. (Como, Italy, 2015), 1st Intern. Symp. Halogen Bond (Porto Cesareo, Italy, 2014), and of several symposia (organized within 234th ACS National Meeting (Boston, 2007), 238th ACS National Meeting (Washington, 2009), 25th European Crystallography Meeting (Istanbul, Turkey, 2009), 26th European Crystallography Meeting (Darmstadt, Germany, 2010), XXII Congress of IUCr (Satellite Symposium, Madrid, Spain, 2011).

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