Carlos Granadeiro



Carlos Granadeiro completed a PhD degree in Chemistry by the University of Aveiro in 2010 dealing with the development of novel photoluminescent hybrid materials. In 2011, Granadeiro was awarded with a Post-Doctoral grant by the FCT to work in the grafting of polyoxometalates on carbon nanostructures at the Associate Laboratory CICECO (Center for Research in Ceramics & Composite Materials). Since September 2011, Granadeiro is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Laboratório Associado para a Química Verde at REQUIMTE ([email protected]). He is currently developing new composite materials based on metal-organic frameworks for application as heterogeneous catalysts in the oxidation of alcohols and olefins as well as in oxidative desulfurization systems. Granadeiro has also been designing lanthanide-based materials with enhanced luminescent properties for optical labelling and sensing applications. Granadeiro is the author of 34 papers in international peer-reviewed journals with an h-index of 18 and with 1302 citations. Granadeiro has presented 15 oral communications and 31 poster presentations in international and national conferences. Granadeiro has been awarded with the Best Paper Award Nano 2012 for an oral communication and has won two Best Poster Presentation Awards. Recently, Granadeiro has won the prize Ramôa Ribeiro 2018 awarded by the Portuguese Chemical Society that recognizes scientific achievements in the fields of Catalysis and Porous Materials. Granadeiro has been involved in several FCT-funded research projects and is currently the Principal Investigator of an on-going project funded by REQUIMTE. He has participated as a team member in short-term research projects at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France. Granadeiro also regularly contributes as peer-reviewer for some high-quality scientific journals.

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