Ferreira, F. A.



Fernanda A. Ferreira is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal. She holds a BS in Mathematics and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Porto. She obtained also a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Statistics and Operations Research from Vigo University. A member and Coordinator of the Applied Management Research Unit (UNIAG), her publications, mostly journal and conference papers, cover the research interest areas of industrial organization, game theory and tourism (ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-1335-7821). Co-author of two books published in the Mathematics area. Supervised dissertations in the areas of Hospitality, Game Theory and Management. She also organizes Symposium on ”Operational Research and Applications” in several International Conferences and has collaborated as reviewer with several journals.

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