Sirpa Jalkanen



Curriculum Vitae: Jalkanen Sirpa Tuulikki Sex: Female Born: February 28, 1954 Place of Birth: Jyväskylä, Finland Married: Markku Jalkanen, 1975 Children: Born 76, 78, 79 Degrees: Faculty of Medicine, Turku University; Degrees received: M.D. 1979, Ph.D. (Immunology) 1983, Specialist in Clinical Microbiology 1990 Present employment: Professor of Immunology, University of Turku 2001- Research Professor of the National Institute for Health and Welfare 2006- Academy Professor 2014- Previous employment: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pathology, Stanford University, 1983-1986 Head of Laboratory, Department of Medical Microbiology 1986-1989 Junior Investigator of the Finnish Academy 1989-1991 Senior Investigator of the Finnish Academy 1991-1994 Senior Investigator of the National Public Health Institute 1994-1996 Elected as the Chairman of the Department of Immunology, University of Helsinki, 1997-2001 (on leave of absence for the Academy Professorship) Research Professor of the Finnish Academy 1996-2006 Other scientific achievements: Over 100 invited talks at international scientific meetings, over 10 patents or patent applications, over 300 articles and reviews, with H index 65 (Jalkanen ST and Jalkanen S), organizer or co-organizer of several international scientific meetings (for example 2 ESF (European Science Foundation) workshops, 2 Scandinavian Society for Immunology meetings, World Congress of Immunology, European Congress of Immunology, Keystone Meeting) Scientific expert tasks: Frequent evaluator for Research Councils of Norway, Sweden and Belgium, EMBO, European Science Foundation, a member of ERC panel 2008, 2010 and 2012, 2014a member of the advisory board for two centers of excellence (Norway and Sweden, 2008-). Evaluator of Göteborg University 2010 and Uppsala University 2007 and 2011. Evaluator for professorships in USA, Sweden and UK. Executive Editor of the European Journal of Immunology 2000-2010 and member of the board for the Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 1999-. PhD theses supervised or co-supervised: (29) Palojoki Eeva 3/1995 2. Hänninen Arno 5/1995 3. Salmi Marko 5/1995 4. Aho Riitta 11/1995 5. Ristamäki Raija 12/1995 6. Airas Laura 6/1996 7. Wuorela Maarit 10/1996 8. Arvilommi (Kujari) Anna-Maija 5/1998 9. Bono Petri 10/1998 10. Jaakkola Kimmo 1/ 2000 11. Tohka Sami 10/2001 12. Henttinen Tiina 11/2001 13. Irjala Heikki 12/2002 14. Jaakkola Ilkka 5/2003 15. Maula Sanna 12/2003 16. Kurkijärvi Riikka 11/2004 17. Niemelä Jussi 3/2006 18. Kiss Jan 10/2008 19. Auvinen Kaisa 02/2009, 20. Laurila Juha 10/2010, 21. Autio Anu 31.3.2012, 22. Ålgars Annika 21.4.2012, 23. Karikoski Marika 11/2012, 24. Keuschnigg Johannes 6/2013, 25. Palani Senthil 2016, 26. Dunkel Johannes 2017, 27. Virtanen Helena 2017, 28. Hagert Cecilia, 29. Santalahti Kristiina 2018 Prizes: Duodecim Society: Young Scientist Award 1987; Eli Lilly Gastroenterology Award 1990; Medix Award 1991; Maud Kuistila Prize 1997 (for excellent work as the supervisor of young scientists); Elias Lönnrot Medal for achievements in science, teaching and developing biotechnology, 2004; Anders Jahre Prize, 2005, Tillandz prize 2006 and 2007, Äyräpää Prize (the major prize in medicine in Finland) 2008, Klossner Medal 2009, Datta Medal 2011 (outstanding achievements in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or related sciences given by FEBS), EU Women Innovator Prize (2nd) 2016 Innovator Award, Pharma Industry Finland 2017 Honours: The Rheumalecture of the year 1994 (the Finnish Society for Rheumatologists); member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 1998 -; EMBO member 2000- ; member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters 2002-; member of the Academia Europaea 2013-, Academician 2015- (currently only 13 altogether in all fields of Science in Finland) Current positions of trust: Member of the Board: Sigrid Juselius Foundation, Foundation of the Finnish Cancer Institute, Orion (the biggest pharmaceutical company in Finland), Research and Innovation Council for the Prime Minister of Finland Vice chair: Tampere University of Technology Chair: Emil Aaltonen Foundation, The Finnish Cancer Foundation Entrepreneurship: Co-founder of biotech companies, BioTie Therapeutics (publicly listed), Faron Pharmaceuticals Administration: Director of the MediCity Research Laboratory (Research Unit of the Medical Faculty of Turku University consisting 22 research groups) 1996- Director of one of the research profiling program of BioCity Turku and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku, Receptor Program 1996-2018 Director of the National Center of Excellence in Host Defence 2008-2013 Vice Dean of the Medical Faculty, University of Turku 2010-2013 Chairman of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2010-2012

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