Kosta Nikolić



Principal research fellow at the Institute for Contemporary History, Belgrade. He was awarded with BA (1988), MPhil (1993) and PhD (1999) from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. His Mphil dissertation was entitled “Bolshevization of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia 1919–1929. Historical consequences” and his doctoral thesis was “Yugoslav Homeland Army in Serbia 1941–1944.” Realms of his professional interest are: history of Communism in the interwar Yugoslavia, Serbian society in the Second World War, personality cult in socialist Yugoslavia, ethnic conflicts, dissolution of former Yugoslavia and history of historiography. He took part in a number of national and international conferences, chairing organizational and editorial boards. He published in Serbian, English and Czech language. He was the editor in chief of journal „Istorija 20. veka“. He was a project leader of the three projects financed by the Serbian Ministry of Science: 1) Serbs in the Second World War: European context of ideological division and repression; 2) (Un)successful integration – (un)finished modernization: International position and internal development of Serbia and Yugoslavia 1921–1991; 3) Serbian society in the Yugoslav state in the 20th century: Between democracy and dictatorship. Until now he published 30 monographs, and over 120 articles in scholarly journals in country and abroad. He is also the author of four textbooks for history of primary school and high school.

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