Vincent O'Leary



I am graduating from Drexel University in June with a B.S. in Environmental Science. I have been involved with multiple research projects, including efforts to understand the behavioral patterns of invasive species of crayfish as well as quantifying the impact of hydraulic fracturing to watersheds in central Pennsylvania. I have had experience in multiple departments at the Academy of Natural Sciences and am skilled in a variety of field surveying techniques and data analysis workflows. My research has been focused around increasing the accessibility of the large amount of data at the Academy of Natural Sciences about the world around us. As this data is digitized and published online, I am interested in how others can use this information for education and further research about ecological systems or climate change. Through my research and extracurricular leadership, I have enjoyed being an advocate for more open communication and data sharing in science, and currently volunteer as a student teacher at School of the Future in west Philadelphia and assist ESL classes in south Philadelphia.

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