A.M.F.R. Pinto



Alexandra Maria Pinheiro da Silva Ferreira Rodrigues Pinto (A. M. F. R. Pinto) CEFT – Transport Phenomena Research Centre, Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering of Porto University In an early stage of my career, after my PhD in 1991 on Combustion, I oriented my activities for the Transport Phenomena area with particular interest in Mass Transfer and Characterization of two-phase flow patterns using advanced optical techniques. More recently (in the past ten years) I integrated the know how acquired with other skills of my core formation in Chemical Engineering, in Energy applications in particular in the Fuel Cell area, namely the Direct Methanol and Ethanol Fuel Cells (modelling and experimental studies), Microbial Fuel Cells, PEM Fuel Cells /Electrolysers and Hydrogen Generators and Storage (Chemical Hydrides) systems. I develop my research activities in the CEFT–Transport Phenomena Research Centre (http://paginas.fe.up.pt/ceft/), since its foundation in 1997, and I am presently the leader of the Energy Group. CEFT vocation lies essentially on fundamental research, in which it has achieved significant success. Currently, there is within the group a drive to complement the fundamental research on microfluidics with applied research in bio-medicine, micro fuel cells and micro-rheology. I published 74 (indexed in Scopus or SCI) cited 1503 times (without self-citations) and have an h-factor of 24 (without self-citations). I was Principal Investigator in 9 national projects and was member of the team in 12 (2 with industry partners). I was member of European Network FCTESTNET (Fuel Cell Testing and standardisation Network). I am presently involved in two European projects and two national projects on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells/ Electrolysers. Professor of Mass and Heat Transfer (Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Bioengineering courses), Renewable Energies and Chemical Engineering Laboratory, DEQ-FEUP. Director of the Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering Department, FEUP, Portugal. The program has an average number of 80 PhD students and produces around 12 PhD thesis per year. I was Invited to be an expert evaluator of Horizon 2020 Projects - Call of Storage - Low Carbon Energy H2020-LCE-2014-3 and FCH -Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JTI call H2020-JTI-FCH-2014-1

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