Lesley Fallowfield



Research Interests: Lesley Fallowfield trained at Guy's Hospital London as a nurse before completing a BSc in Experimental Psychology. Research for her DPhil in Psychophysics was done at the Universities of Sussex and Cambridge. Her 3 primary research interests include: 1.Assessments of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials of cancer therapy. Prof Fallowfield has been very active in this field developing validated PROs and as the PI for numerous RCTs worldwide with quality of life sub-studies. 2.Development and assessment of supportive interventions for symptoms & side-effects of cancer and its treatment. 3.Communication- development & evaluation of innovative training courses and materials to assist healthcare professionals' communicating with patients, their families and with clinical colleagues. Professor Fallowfield has contributed numerous articles to medical journals >300 and has written three textbooks on quality of life and communication in health care. Refer to SHORE-C website for information about current research and publications at http://shore-c.sussex.ac.uk/index.htm

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