Luís Tiago Paiva



Luís Tiago Paiva completed his PhD studies in Applied Mathematics at the University of Porto in 2014 and he specialized in Numerical Analysis and Numerical Methods. From January/2105 up to now he is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and his major areas of research are in the Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering fields with an emphasis in Optimal Control, Adaptive Mesh Refinement, Model Predictive Control, and Kite Power Systems. He published 6 articles in journals, 10 papers in conference proceedings and he co-authored 1 book. Luís Tiago Paiva has 50 participations in conferences and seminars, and he co-supervised 1 master thesis in the field of Electrical Engineering. In his research activities he interacted with 22 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific papers. He participated in 6 research projects and he is currently involved in one.

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