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Berta Neto (BN) graduated in Physics from the University of Porto in 2002 and have a master degree in Applied Physics (2005) and a doctorate in Physics (2010) both from University of Aveiro. A doctoral workplan in the area of Raman fiber amplifiers was awarded by a FCT grant (2007-2010) and carried out in the IT- Aveiro under the supervision of Prof Paulo André. In this period of intensive research, she cooperated actively in several national and European projects and had the opportunity to join international teams and participate in a short term internship in NICT (Japan) among other training programs. As a consequence, 7 first author journals were published and other 8 in collaboration with other researchers together with 2 book chapters. Moreover, +20 communications in international conferences (OFC, ICTON, OECC, NOC) were presented. In 2010, BN moved to the vendor companies NSN/Coriant, working in R&D department as a system integration and optical tester. The activities included optical performance validation of the planning tool alongside with the end-to-end laboratorial optical performance tests for ultra-long single span transmission integrating hiT7300 platform and MPBC amplifiers, used for validation of submarine 100G links. She was also responsible for the Passive Optical Networks testbed within the Hit7300 project. In 2015, BN joined Huawei Technologies as a product manager (OSN8800/6800) in the 100 G deployment for Vodafone Portugal, with work tasks in pre-sale support (including quote), network design, technical and financial proposal and pre-sale testing support. Along with her corporative career she kept a close link to universities and R&D centers by supervising master theses and participating in the evaluation of several doctoral and master juries. In April 2016, BN returned to IT- Aveiro to become a post-doc researcher in the scope of project FutPON (COMPETE- ref3145). BN started a post-doctoral program awarded with an FCT grant engaging on studying optimized amplification and noise filtering solutions for photonic integrated circuits. Since then, she became a member of Compress (PTDC/EEI-TEL/7163/2014) and HeatIT (CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-017942) projects. Her research efforts include networking with other R&D units in Portugal (CESAM, INESC-MN) and also the Federal University of West Pará in Brazil. BN is a reviewer of IEEE/OSA journals (JLP, PTL and OE). Currently, her h-index is equal to 7 and her papers have 119 citations.

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