Nunzio Motta



Prof. Motta was the first scientist in Italy to achieve atomic resolution in Ultra High Vacuum by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in 1991. As a physicist he is interested in searching answers to fundamental questions of the nature, especially in the area of material science and nanotechnology. His main research focus is to improve our environment by using nanotechnology to develop new solar cells, nanoelectronics and gas sensors. He is internationally recognized in the field of material science, with over 30 years experience in growth and characterization of nanostructures, mainly acquired in Italy, where he became a leader in surface science and epitaxial growth of semiconductors. He is currently leading research at QUT in solar energy and environmental nanotechnology, developing graphene based supercapacitors, new polymer solar cells and solar powered nano-sensors. Nunzio obtained several visiting positions in various research institutions across Europe, published more than 140 papers in material science and surface physics and led many international research projects in the area of nanotechnology. He is chair of the international school and conference NanoS-E3 since 2007.

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