Przemysław Mazurek



I am a PhD student at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wroclaw. Therefore, I am struggling with the issues on the borderline between law and the Church. I raise issues related to the correlation of these two institutions, attack them with their interpenetration and influence on the shaping of relations between social law and moral ethics. Within my special interests are problems related to the subject of church legal institutions and the constitutional autonomy of churches and religious associations. The warranty finds its expression, among others in the right to write and belong to a given religious association, and in the Catholic Church the act of apostasy. I am also a PhD student at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy in Wroclaw. My area of ​​research in law is broadly constitutional law, as well as human rights. In these two areas of research, I deal with the right of inheritance as well as the right to protect personal data - RODO.

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