Patricia Ferreira-Lopes



Patricia Ferreira Lopes is a PhD candidate in Architecture at the University of Seville (2014-2018) with the PhD dissertation “Digital Models of Information - GIS and Graphs - applied in the heritage. The building´s production in the ancient kingdom of Seville in the transition to the Modern Age”. After her BA in Architecture, she obtained 2 grants for Master research (2010 -UPM, 2011 US) and 1 Predoctoral grant for PhD research, in strong competitive calls. During her predoctoral years, she received 4 research stays grants: Western University of Ontario (2015), UNESCO Chair of Basque Country (2016), CLUE+ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2017) and Civil Engineering research and innovation for sustainability -CERIS (2018). During her predoctoral experience, she has worked at the ETSA Sevilla (2014-2018) as a teacher associated to the Architectural Graphic Expression Department at the University of Seville. Between 2014 and 2016 she worked as a Researcher Associate in the Excellence Project “A digital model information for knowledge and real estate management of cultural heritage” (HAR2012-34571). Currently, she works as Researcher Associate in two R&D Projects: “Diego de Riaño, Diego Siloé and the transition from Gothic to Renaissance in Spain. Architecture and City: Technique, Language and Spatial Concept” (HAR2016-76371-P ) and “Sustainable guardianship of cultural heritage through digital BIM and GIS models: contribution to knowledge and social innovation” (HAR2016-78113-R ). In 2011 she started her training with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applied in Cultural Heritage and Architecture History. Moreover, her scientific publications, she has participated in numerous international conferences and has imparted many lectures in national and international courses. Recognized as a curious and proactive student and teaching assistant who is able to propose different solutions and also new perspectives of a study-case in order to solve complex problems. The general lines of research in which she is currently working are a methodological analysis of heritage, methods and techniques for the conservation, intervention and management of heritage from GIS information technologies, BIM and data visualization.

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