Aurelien Manchon



Aurelien Manchon is an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, in Saudi Arabia. He joined KAUST in 2009 after a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Missouri-Columbia and University of Arizona-Tuscon. He graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France in 2004 and earned his PhD in Physics in 2007 from University Joseph Fourier and CEA/SPINTEC laboratory in France. Manchon’s research focuses on spintronics, which aims at utilizing the quantum spin degree of freedom of the carrier to generate disruptive solutions for electronics. His research interest spans from spin-orbit coupled transport to chiral magnetism, antiferromagnets and ultrafast spin dynamics. Manchon has engaged in a number of collaborations with both experimentalists and theorists in his field around the world, including researchers at National University of Singapore, CEA/CNRS Grenoble in France, Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, Cornell University, University of Minnesota, Tokyo University etc. He has authored over 100 publications in esteemed journals including Nature, Nature Materials, Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, Physical Review B, and Applied Physics Letters.

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