David Monaghan



I am a UCD Electronic Engineering graduate, computer scientist and Fulbright Scholar, with a PhD in optics, currently employed as a research team leader at INSIGHT – the Centre for Data Analytics, in Dublin City University, Ireland. I'm currently leading Insight's involvement in 2 Major EU FP7 projects: (1) the REVERIE project, which focuses on merging virtual and real environments with social networking for use in educational settings, and; (2) the FI-STAR project, which is concerned with smart and connected health, within which we are developing home-based rehabilitation systems that use advanced computer gaming technologies. I am truly passionate about science and research and my long-term career goal is to perform cutting edge research that can have a meaningful impact on society. I'm always available for a coffee or a chat about any science related topics :) Throughout my career, I have researched and published works on various topics including but not limited to; optical cryptography, digital holography for 3D TV application and a variety of 3D reconstruction techniques. I currently research a wide variety of subjects from sports activity analysis to networked virtual environments to human motion reconstruction and E-Health solutions. I have over 40 peer-reviewed publications in international conferences and journals, 2 Invited international conference talks, DCU faculty day talk 2012, 2 PhD seminars, 11 EU project presentations including 4 at the EU commission, presented 30+ poster and demo sessions, on the organisation committee for 5 international conferences, 2 commercial software licences, presented at the SFI 10 year celebration of research at the AVIVA stadium, the ITLG ‘Silicon Valley comes to Ireland’ event, Enterprise Ireland’s Big Idea technology showcase, and I have appeared in the IrishTimes, the Irish Independent, the Metro, Business Plus magazine and on the RTE main evening News promoting science and research.

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