Kristoffer Szilas



My research focuses on the geochemistry and petrology of Archaean rocks from Greenland. It aims at understanding the relations between ultramafic and mafic-andesitic rock assemblages in order to place constraints on models for the evolution of the craton. In particular, I'm interested in determining the origin of enigmatic peridotite enclaves (up to 1km in size), which are found within TTG-suite orthogneisses. It currently remains unclear if these ultramafic bodies represent olivine-rich cumulates or residual mantle. Interestingly, some of these peridotites have mineral and bulk-rock compositions, which are identical to those of the ultra-depleted subcontinental lithospheric mantle xenoliths that have been reported from Greenland. The question then is whether or not they formed in the same way. Please feel free to contact me at kristoffer.szilas (at) to get any relevant data from my publications. You can also get direct access to all of my publications and the associated data and appendices at the following Google-drive link:

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