Catherine Williamson



Professor Catherine Williamson MD FRCP Catherine Williamson took up the role of Professor of Women’s Health at King’s College London in 2013. Between 2007 and 2013, she was Professor of Obstetric Medicine at Imperial College. She is a leading clinical researcher in maternal medicine in the UK and internationally. Her principal research focus is on the maternal and fetal aetiology and outcomes of a common liver disease of pregnant women, intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). She is part of the UK team running a clinical trial to find the best treatments. She also runs a research programme investigating gestational signals that influence alterations in lipids, glucose and bile acids in pregnancy. The group also focusses on the influence of intrauterine environment on the subsequent health of the offspring. Catherine uses a large database to study the outcome of tumours of endocrine glands in pregnant women in the UK, with the aim of improving treatment for affected mothers and their unborn babies. She also works on prediction of diseases in pregnant women. Catherine is an assessor of maternal deaths in the UK. Professor Williamson receives referrals to the specialist obstetric medicine clinic at St Thomas’ Hospital from colleagues in the UK and internationally and regularly speaks about medical disorders of pregnancy at international courses and conferences.

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