Carla Sancho dos Santos



I am a research scientist at Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry of the Catholic University of Portugal. I graduated in the same institution, in Biosciences, and have a PhD in Biotechnology, with specialization in Environmental Sciences and Engineering. My research interests are focused on Plant Molecular Biology and Genomics and Plant Nutrition and Stress. In the recent years my research has focused on the study of the molecular and physiological mechanisms behind Iron Deficiency Chlorosis in legume plants (such as soybean and bean) and cereals (rice). After my PhD completion, I tested new iron chelates for their efficiency in treating Iron Deficiency Chlorosis as a research fellow of a FCT project and, currently, I am a Post doctoral fellow in an European project, working on the characterization of different germplasms towards the elaboration of new legume-enriched products and more sustainable agricultural practices.

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