Nora Schmidt



I am preparing my PhD thesis in Information Studies at the University of Lund. My PhD Project "The Power to Select. East African Social Sciences and Humanities and a Global Scholarly Communication System" approaches to further postcolonial research questions in information studies. ---------------------- Project Abstract ---------------------- To European social sciences and humanities (SSH) researchers, substantial parts of SSH literature produced worldwide is invisible. On the one hand, for instance, much literature published in Africa is neither indexed in any subject databases, nor acquired by European libraries, a gap unacknowledged by the information profession; and, in consequence, also by SSH researchers worldwide. On the other hand, uncritical talk about an international system of research is omnipresent. Global figures about SSH researcher numbers, and their representation in terms of indexed publications in the main database used for distributing funds and merit, make trenches visible. Opportunities to discover publications authored by East African SSH researchers despite these obstacles will be investigated as a case study. Also included is a short survey of European collection managers and an analysis of the corresponding libraries' collection policies, to learn if and how policies and/or professional practice contribute to the problem. In the light of these studies, is it still adequate to talk about a global academic communication system? The theoretical point of departure is to analyse scholarly communication as a autopoietic social system with global reach, which, while explaining entity semantics, can do little to explain the empirical trenches. More sensitive tools are found in the spectrum of postcolonial theories. ------------------------- Between 2011 and 2015, I was employed at the Vienna University's Library, Open Access Office. My main functions were: research to back up strategic decisions, repository management, in the area of overlap to IT, OJS support and advisory services on Open Access publishing. I completed two M.A. degrees: Sociology and History of Art (2009), and Library and Information Sciences (2014).

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