Department of Biomedical Informatics Rouen University Hospital 1, rue de Germont Cour Leschevin, Gate 21, 3rd floor 76031 Rouen Cedex, France Tel: +33. Fax: +33. E-mail : [email protected] Personal address: 4 impasse Loiseau/Sente des Bulins 76130 Mont Saint Aignan, France Tel: +33 232 08 42 95 Cell : +33 607 29 35 03 PRESENT FUNCTION Professor of Medical Informatics, Rouen Medical School & Head of the Department of BioMedical Informatics, Rouen University Hospital, France MEDICAL EDUCATION COMPUTER SCIENCE EDUCATION 1999: Habilitation a diriger les recherches, Rouen University 1987: Hepatogastroenterologist, University of Paris VII 1985: Medical Doctor, University of Paris XI 1978: Certificat de préparation à la biologie humaine, University of Paris XI 1989: Ph.D., University of Paris Dauphine 1986: Master's degree, University of Paris Dauphine 1984: B.Sc., University of Paris Orsay CURRICULUM VITAE Since September 2003: Professor of Medical Informatics, Rouen Medical School, France September 2001-August 2003: Associate Professor of Medical Informatics, Rouen Medical School, France October 1999-August 2001: Associate Professor, National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Rouen, Department Architecture of Information Systems June 1990- August 2003: Advanced Technology Unit Manager in the Computing & Networks Department, Rouen University Hospital (RUH) 1995-1998 : Medical Consultant, National Center for Hospital Equipment (CNEH); 1988/1990: Data Processing and Videotext Department Manager in Quanta Médical 1985/1988: Engineer Training at IBM France Scientific Center 1984/1987: Hepatogastroenterology studies 1976/1983: Medical Studies PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES These have encompassed a wide range of activities in Healthcare Telematics & Information and Communication Technologies, from Information Systems, Internet/Intranet, Decision Support in different specialties to Documentary Information System, as well as, Computer-aided Clinical Trials Management, both from practical and theoretical aspects. Keywords: Knowledge engineering; Information science (MeSH), Healthcare Telematics; Medical Informatics (MeSH), Health Information Systems; Hospital Information System (MeSH), Internet (MeSH), computer-aided decision (MeSH), telemedicine (MeSH). Research Lab I am currently a full member of the LITIS lab (EA 4108), University of Rouen, Normandy, France in the TIBS team (Information processing in biology and medicine), and associated member of the LIMICS INSERM Lab (head: MC. Jaulent) in Paris. In the Rouen University Hospital, I am the head of the Department of Biomedical Informatics composed of 3 medical informaticians, 3 medical librarians, 4 research engineers, one junior lecturer (TIBS), 1 postdoc, 1 medical resident, and 3 PhD students. Research fields: Development and assessment of knowledge engineering tools 1. CISMeF (Catalogue and Index of Medical Resources on the Internet and its semantic search engine tool 2. Multi-terminology multi-lingual information retrieval in heterogenous areas (Web, scientific citations, electronic health record) 3. Multi-terminology multi-lingual automatic indexing; URL: http://ecmt.chu-rouen.fr/CISMeFsynodosservice/REST/getAutomaticIndexing/999|String 4. European Health Terminology/Ontology Portal; URL: www.hetop.eu Publications 137 articles were published in peer-review journals indexed in the Medline database (see List of publications: http://www.chu-rouen.fr/tibs/?page_id=20). Personal H-index (Google Scholar) = 22; URL: http://scholar.google.fr/citations?user=1lof9XwAAAAJ&hl=fr&oi=ao Teaching Rouen Medical School; discipline: medical informatics and e-health. Approximately, 100 hours per year. Nature of teaching: face to face in amphitheater, problem-based learning, directed work during second and third year of the curriculum, then during the residency program (seminar about how to access health information, in particular MEDLINE, CISMeF and European Health Terminology/Ontology Portal –EHTOP-). All of CISMeF teaching documents were now created “in vitro” as “soundtrack teaching lecture” available for Rouen students but also via the Web (URL: http://medecine-pharmacie.univ-rouen.fr/informatique-medicale-technologies-de-l-information-et-de-la-communication-16308.kjsp?RH=1381224035996) and DVD to all med students around the world. To our knowledge, already half of the French Medical Schools have integrated in their cursus a teaching module how to use CISMeF to access health information. The brand new EHTOP is already taught at the Information Science department of the Montreal University. Teaching lectures (how to access health information) in Mexico and Norway.

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