Krzysztof Konecki



Krzysztof T. Konecki is a professor of sociology and works at the Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz. His interests lie in qualitative sociology, sociology of interaction, symbolic interactionism, sociology of body, methodology of social sciences, visual sociology, communication and intercultural management, organizational culture and management, and contemplative sociology. He is the editor-in-chief of Qualitative Sociology Review and holds the position of President of Polish Sociological Association and is the member of the Committee of Sociology of the Polish Academy of Science; he was also a member of the Executive Committee of European Sociological Association. He is also a member of Editorial Boards of following scientific journals: - Problemy Zarządzania ( - International Journal of Mainstreaming Social Sciences (IJMSS). Since 2011r. - Approches inductives, Univerrsitie du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres (since 2013r.) - e-methodology, ISSN 2353-5881 eISSN 2392-0688 - Uniwersyteckiego Czasopisma Socjologicznego – since 2013r. (UKSW) - Kultura i wychowanie THE MAIN ACADEMIC PRIZES - 2014 - The prize of Rector of Lodz University for the book: Krzysztof T. Konecki, Anna Kacperczyk, Piotr Chomczyński, Marco Albarracín (2013) The spirit of communitarianism and the cultural background of the Limoncocha community in the context of sustainable development and environmental protection. Quito: Universidad International SEK in Quito, Ecuador. [ISBN: 978-9942-930-06-4] - 2011 - Research Grant from the Universidad Internacional SEK (Quito, Ecuador) for interdysciplinary and community research in Limoncocha, Ecuadorian jungle: "La relacion entre los recurcos naturales de la laguna de Limoncocha (Integridad ecosistema para actividades turisticas y pesquerias) y el desarollo socio-economico de la comunidad local (2011 - 2012). - 2011 - The prize of President of Lodz University for organizational activities - 2010 - Medal of the National Education Commission. He is an author of many papers and books on qualitative methodology. Creator of Visual Grounded Theory, (the qualitative methodology of visual data analysis). The full coverage of publications is on the website:

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