Laurent DUPONT



Laurent Dupont, Eng. PhD. is senior researcher at ERPI Laboratory (Research Team on innovative Processes, Université de Lorraine, France). He is the co-founder (2014) and scientific manager of the Lorraine Fab Living Lab® (LF2L), the ERPI research platform for prospective assessment of innovative usages and innovation acceptability (recognized by ENoLL and Fab Foundation). In LF2L, he manages project on collaborative innovation involving users, companies and territories. Laurent Dupont is also the co-designer and scientific coordinator of “Lorraine Smart Cities Living Lab” (ENoLL member since 2010), an interdisciplinary project involving several laboratories and other public and private partners. He designs, implements and evaluates new processes for co-designing Smart and sustainable Cities. Thus, since 2009, he has supervised 15 competitively funded research projects, 1 PhD thesis, published 17 journals or IEEE conference papers and contributed to more than 19 conferences as guest lecturer. He currently teaches “Innovative project management in complex environments” and “Big Data for Smart Cities” (in schools of engineers). Since 2010, he has participated and supported the review process of IEEE / ICE Conference. He was co-chair, with Dr. Marc Pallot 19th ACM VRIC Conference (2017). Member of Research Network on Innovation (RNI), he was co-chair of the RNI Summer School 2017 (Nancy, France) dedicated to “Agile Innovation”. And he was Track Chair of NITIM Doctoral Summer School 2017 (Madeira Island, Portugal). Laurent Dupont get an Industrial Engineering Degree from the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine (INPL), France, in 2003 and an Industrial Engineering PhD from the INPL, France. He has been PhD student at ADUAN the local town planning and development agency (2006-2009), Research fellow at InoCité a platform dedicated to innovation by use (2009-2012), project manager at Partnership department, Université de Lorraine (2010-2012).

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