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Gordon E. Andrews

G.E. Andrews (2013-10-21)


Prof. Gordon E. Andrews, BSc(Hons), PhD, CEng, FEnergyI, MIMechE, MASME, MSAE Professor of Combustion Engineering Energy Research Institute (ERI) School of Process Environment and Materials Engineering The University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK Email [email protected] Tel. 01153432493 Outline Biography 1972 PhD In Laminar and Turbulent Combustion – Supervisor Prof. Derek Bradley, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds 1972-1973 The Central Electricity Generating Board, Yorkshire Region Scientific Services. Research Engineer – worked on Ferrybridge and Drax power station pulverised coal combustion problems and furnace aerodynamics.. 1973-1977 Lucas Aerospace (Now GE) Burnley Worked on the UK Low NOx Combustion Programme for Aero-Gas Turbines. Developed the Jet Mix module concept for Kerosene combustion and a burner for diesel engine cold start (Challenger Tank engine) 1977 to present date. Department of Fuel and Energy, now the Energy Research Institute, University of Leeds Research Areas: 1. Ultra low NOx gas turbine combustion with gas and liquid fuels (~110 publications). 2. Gas turbine combustion heat transfer: impingement cooling, effusion cooling, imp/eff cooling, pin-fin cooling, parallel plate cooling (~55 publications). 3. Diesel Particulate and NOx emissions, particle PAH emissions, particle composition, lubricating oil influence on emissions, diesel biofuels, B100, unprocessed raw seed oil fuels, E10 – E30 ethanol/petrol SI engine emissions.. (~150 publications) 4. Spark ignition emissions in real world driving using instrumented vehicles. Use of Horiba OBS and Temet portable FTIR in-vehicle. Catalyst and vehicle performance under real world driving. Driver behaviour variability. Micro resolution of emissions consequences for specific traffic events. (~50 publications) 5. Dust and gas explosion hazards and explosion venting and characterization, flammability limits using the explosion method. Hydrogen explosion haxards, Coal and graphite explosions. Explosion venting and the problems of the US and European venting design codes. Safety aspects of biomass explosions and torrefied biomass explosions. (~100 publications) 6. Biomass combustion in solid fuel pellet boilers and the associated emissions. Pulverised solid biomass combustion and coal/biomass co-firing, using nuts and other waste agricultural materials as well as waste wood. Liquid biofuel combustion in burners and gas turbines. Biomass combustion in gasification boilers and experimental investigation into solid biomass gasification with natural gas heating. (10 publications but active area) 7. Toxic hazards in enclosed fire research using on line FTIR. Aircraft interior fire toxic hazards. Pool fires in enclosures. Textile fire toxicity. Electircal cable fire toxicity. (~25 publications) 8. Low NOx burners for furnace and boiler applications – rich/lean aerodynamics burners. Burner design for low NOx emissions using radial,.axial and non-swirl design concepts. (~20 publications) 9. Flameless combustion using axially staged fuel to give lean/lean combustion with low NOx at near stoichiometric conditions. Very high internal EGR without affecting the flame stability. (5 publications) Over 400 papers published including >100 SAE papers and >100 ASME GT papers. Over £5M in research funding Industrial CPD training courses (all are 5 day courses at MSc level and some are MSc modules) 1 Diesel Particulates and NOx emissions – operated in Leeds in May and USA in October. Now in its 26th year. (44 industrialists on the course this year) 2. Spark Ignition Engine Emissions (15 years) 3 Engine Emissions Measurement (with Horiba) – June in Leeds – 21st year. 4. Ultra Low NOx Gas Turbine Combustion – January (Now in 16th year) 5 Combustion in Furnaces and Boilers (with Prof. B.M. Gibbs) March – 13th year. 6 Fire and Explosion Investigation (course leader since 1980) September 7 Fire and Safety Law – December 8 Fire and Explosion Mitigation – June – 16th year. 9. Energy from Biomass – 5 years January (with Prof. Gibbs, Prof. Jones and Dr. Dupont) 10. Energy from Biomass (Malaysia) with Prof. Gibbs and Prof Shamsuddin (Malyasia) November 2012 11. Explosion Mitigation (MSc) – Gas and Dust explosions and venting.
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