Dr. Daryoush Fatehi



Dr. Daryoush Fatehi was born in December 7, 1965; Boroujen, Iran; where he got his High School Diploma in June 1984. He obtained an Associate Degree, in Radiology, from the Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran in June 1987. Hereafter, he worked as a radiographer for 3 years, including a two year period for his conscription and one year for a national Health & Treatment service. He obtained his B.Sc., in Diagnostic Radiology Technology, from the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran in December 1993. He studied Medical Physics at the Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran; where he graduated as a M.Sc. in December 1996. The title of his thesis was: "Genetic Effect of Neutron on Cells Treated with Hyperthermia". In January 1997, he joined the Medical Physics Department of the Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, in which he worked as an instructor until September 2003. To perform his Ph.D. project, he joined the Hyperthermia Unit, department of Radiation Oncology, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in October 2003. The title of his project was "Technical Quality of Deep Hyperthermia Using the BSD-2000". He graduated from Erasmus University on October 2007. He returned to the Medical Physics Department at the Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences in December 2007; when he started his work as an assistant professor. His academic title promoted to associate professor In February 2012. He retired on March 18, 2018, while he was the head of the department of Medical Physics more than 10 years.

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