Simon Knight



I am a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation. My MA (Phil of Ed) was on the implications of the Extended Mind thesis for our understanding of knowledge & its assessment focussing particularly on the use of external tools & an experiment in Denmark which allowed students access to the internet during their exams & the different notion of 'knowledge' implicated in that sort of system from the UK system. My MPhil explored these beliefs in action, looking at how children talk about their information needs when engaged in collaborative information retrieval activities in the classroom, & finding that these 'epistemic beliefs in action' were - unsurprisingly - related to the quality of information they retrieved. This work also found that their use of 'exploratory talk' - talk in which reasons are explained, ideas respected, etc. - was related to search success. My PhD research explored these beliefs in the context of mapping user epistemic beliefs as linked to their information seeking and collaborative dialogue.

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