Laurence LE COQ



Laurence Le Coq is Professor at IMT Atlantique in GEPEA laboratory. Her research activities deal with air treatment and particularly : particles transport and collection through fibrous media ; VOC separation and oxydation through porous materials (adsorbents and catalytic) ; interactions between particles, microbial aerosols and VOC in treatment systems. The application areas cover environment (characterization of industrial exhausts and smokes), environmental engineering (treatment and separation processes) and protection of individuals (treatment of indoor air, production area and confined spaces). Her research activities resulted in 41 publications in international peer-review journals and 89 communications in international conferences. She is or has been involved in the supervision of 17 PhD students. Prof. Le Coq L. is vice-dean of Research & Innovation of IMT Atlantique and deputy director of GEPEA laboratory. She is a member of the french association for studies and research on aerosol, of the french society of fluids-particles separations, and of the french society of process engineering.

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