Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz



(1) Has graduated 113 individuals at the PhD and EdD level. (2) Authored or co-authored 197 refereed articles and 28 books. (3) Conversant in Spanish (native language), English, French, Portuguese, and Caribbean Creole, (4) has served in over 50 humanitarian catastrophes in the United States, Central and South America and Asia, (5) Managed multi-million dollar projects, (6) proven track record in fund raising, (7) Directed Material Development Centers, (8) Advocated for inclusion of mental health and psychosocial support in International guidelines and standards to protect survivors, (9) recipient of the 2008 APA International Humanitarian Award, Volunteer of the Year Lancaster Chapter 1992, Tiffany Award (First Tier) 2006, Special Achievement Award.

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