Natalia Serpetti

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Loop (2017-03-08)


I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate interested on understanding the processes governing the dynamics of marine ecosystems and the forces that can regulate it and affect it using modelling approaches. Modelling can give us the opportunity to understand how the ecosystem levels are interacting to simulate and predict future scenarios of the ecosystem functioning as whole. My personal specific research interests cover a wide range of the ecosystem levels from fish ecology to nutrient cycling. • Ecosystem modelling using Ecopath with Ecosim software • Statistical modelling using R software. • Deep sea macrofaunal community and diversity structure in relation to chemical, physical and geological factors and human impacts. • Influence of chemical, physical and geological factors on benthic nutrient and oxygen fluxes. • Modelling and mapping. • Fish biology, distribution and trophic ecology in Mediterranean Sea, North Sea and North Atlantic Ocean

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