Nicholas Kounis



PRESENT STATUS: -Professor Emeritus Department of Medical Sciences, Patras Institute of Education and Technology, Patras, Greece -Scientific Advisor Patras State General Hospital, Patras, Greece -Practicing Cardiologist QUALIFICATIONS : 1. M.D. (Medical Diploma), Athens Medical School 2. Board Examinations in Medicine, Athens 3. Board Examinations in Cardiology, Athens 4. PhD Thesis – “Contribution to the prevention and treatment of chronic thromboembolism with a new regimen including : Arvin, phenformin and orabolin”, Athens Medical School Nicholas George Kounis MD The founder of “Kounis Syndrome” Three pioneered clinical descriptions 1. Iliacus hematoma syndrome: Kounis N G, Macauley MB, Ghorbal MS. Iliacus haematoma syndrome. Can Med Ass J 1975; 112: 872-873 2. Cardiopathia Fantastica: Kounis NG. Munchausen syndrome with cardiac symptoms. Cardiopathia fantastica. Br J Clin Pract 1979; 33: 77-72 3. Kounis syndrome: Kounis NG. Kounis syndrome (allergic angina and allergic myocardial infarction). A natural paradigm? Int J Cardiol 2006;110: 7-14 APPOINTMENTS IN GREECE : 1. House Officer ( Intern ) in Medicine. Samos General Hospital, Samos 1.5.66 – 1.11.66 2. Senior House Officer In Medicine, (Internal Assistant), Patras Military Hospital 1.11.66 – 25.10.67 3. General practitioner. Social Security Organization, Patras 1.11.67 – 1.4.71 4. Consultant Cardiologist, “Agios Andreas” Hospital, University of Patras 9.4.81 – 4.4.86 5. Consultant Cardiologist, Department of Medicine, University of Patras Medical School, 5.4.86-23.12.89 6. Professor of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, Patras Highest Institute of Education and Technology, 1.2.88-2008 APPOINTMENTS OUTSIDE GREECE: 1. House Officer in General Medicine, Pontefract General Infirmary, Pontefract, Yorks, England 1.9.71 – 26.8.72 2. House Officer in General Medicine. Whinston Hospital, Liverpool, England 1.9.72 – 8.3.73 3. Senior House Officer in General Medicine. Warrington General Hospital, Warrington, Lancs., England 9.3.73 – 30.10.73 4. Senior House Officer in General Medicine. Walton Hospital, Liverpool, England 1.11.73 – 19.7.74 5. Tutor in Medicine and Registrar in Cardiology. Aberdeen Medical School and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, Scotland 20.7.74 – 1.10.75 6. Registrar in Cardiology and Respiratory Physiology. East Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham, England 2.10.75 – 6.6.77 7. Senior Registrar In Cardiology, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belftast, N. Ireland 1.8.77 – 1.9.78

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