Catarina Rolim

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Catarina Rolim finished her Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Systems within the MIT Portugal Program in 2016. Her backgroud also includes a B.Sc. in Educational Psychology from the Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon – five-year course). Taking advantage of her background in psychology, her Ph.D. research is focused on driving behaviour and how to provide people with the necessary tools to adopt more efficient driving patterns, such as the use of Information and Communication Systems (ICT), training and feedback on efficient driving techniques, taking into consideration that people are different and are influenced by unlimited factors surrounding their lives, resorting to vehicle monitoring and to the conduct of interviews and surveys. This research has been focused on private and business fleets, assessing these impacts on both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. Her research work involves the use of quantitative methods, supported by qualitative methods, in both experimental and field settings. Catarina has also been actively involved in projects related with the quantification of impacts of alternative vehicle technologies and innovative transportation solutions adoption on driving behaviour and patterns, energy efficiency and environmental performance. During her research experience at IST, Catarina has developed several surveys and interviews to assess plug-in vehicle acceptance and user behaviour, motivational aspects and driving patterns of EV early adopters in the city of Lisbon, characterization of Lisbon’s car-sharing company users and impacts of feedback on driving behaviour.

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