Carolina Andrade



I am an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil. I currently direct a research lab with 14 full- and partial-time employees (research associates, postdocs, grad. and undergrad. students). My research focuses on computational drug discovery, cheminformatics, computational toxicology, structural bioinformatics, with the emphasis on drug design for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Cancer, as well as the development of predictive tools to study pharmacokinetics and toxicity properties of chemical compounds, as alternative methods for animal testing. In 2014 I was awarded with the “For Women in Science” award from L’Oréal Brasil-UNESCO-Brazilian Academy of Sciences and in 2015 I received the “International Rising Talents” award from L’Oréal – UNESCO, France, both from our results of Leishmaniosis drug design and discovery. As can be gleaned from my list of publications, my research has had a major impact in the area of computational drug discovery where we employ cheminformatics approaches such as QSAR modeling and virtual screening to discover novel bioactive compounds. In recent years, we have expanded our research interest towards computational toxicology. Importantly, we have ported our major software tools and models publicly available in our LabMol portal (

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