R. Stanley Williams



R. Stanley Williams was a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Senior Vice President and Senior Fellow at Hewlett Packard Labs, and is now an independent consultant. He received a B.A. degree from Rice University and his Ph.D. from U. C. Berkeley. He was a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Labs and a faculty member of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at UCLA. At HPE, he led research in the areas of photonics, nano-electronics (especially memristors and neuristors), sensing, computation, cognition and chaos. He has received recognition for business, scientific and academic achievement, including being named the IEEE Manager of the Year for 2014, one of the top 10 Visionaries in the field of electronics in 2012 by EETimes, 2009 EETimes Innovator of the Year ACE Award, the 2007 Glenn T. Seaborg Medal for contributions to Chemistry, the 2004 Herman Bloch Medal for Industrial Research, and the 2000 Julius Springer Award for Applied Physics. He has over 220 US patents with ~20 pending, more than 200 patents outside the US, and over 450 papers published in reviewed scientific journals.

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