Niza, S.

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S Niza is an assistant researcher of the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, IN+, at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa. He is faculty member of the Sustainable Energy Systems (SES) PhD programme of the MIT Portugal Program, Coordinator of the Urban Metabolism and Sustainable Cities’ research programme of IN+ and teaching assistant of the Industrial Ecology and Energgy Management courses for the Integrated Masters in Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at IST. S Niza graduated in Environmental Engineering at the New University of Lisbon (1998), and started his research (1999) at the Centre for Sustainable Business Development (CENDES) of the National Institute for Engineering, Technology and Innovation (INETI). In 2007 he got a PhD from the IST of University of Lisbon. Niza moved to IST in 2006 and began developing work in Industrial Ecology, particularly on Waste Management and Resource Productivity. In 2007 S Niza started working as Post-Doctoral fellow of the MIT Portugal Program at IST. Research wise Niza has co-developed flow accounting methodologies allowing for a regular compilation of information about a city metabolism based on EUROSTAT data. Results stressed the relevance of material stocks of urban areas and the importance of characterising them in order to understand their potential use as a source of resources to the economic system. This characterisation was performed for the ResiSt project (2010-2013) supervised by S Niza. In another project supervised by S Niza, MeSUr (2011-2014), flow indicators, (water, materials and energy) are being used to develop an innovative analytical framework to evaluate the sustainability of urban systems. In the third project supervised by Niza, MEMO (2013-2015), a comparative analysis of the metabolic behaviour of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area in different historical periods (from pre-industrial to the present) is being performed. In the project InteGerSUM, (2011-2014), in which Niza participates a spatially-resolved model of urban systems is being developed characterizing the link between the metabolism, the socio-economic dynamics and the infrastructural network for Energy, Water and Waste. In a project financed by the Asian Development Bank, (2012-2013), S Niza co-developed a streamlined way of accounting the material flows of any metro area in the world using national IO tables, continuing on from what was already achieved by Niza et al. 2009 and previous work to the bank. Niza is a member of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, and has participated as invited speaker in several national conferences, seminars and workshops He has organised several workshops and was member of the technical committee of international conferences like the 5th International Conference of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, (June 2009), and the 2006 Technology, Management and Policy Graduate Consortium Meeting.

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