Dr. Tony R. Sahama



Born in Sri Lanka (former name: Ceylon), Tony was educated at University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka. At present, Tony is associated to Institute for Future Environment (IFE) at QUT and is Adjunct Associate Professor of School of Health Information Science at University of Victoria (UVic), BC, Canada. Tony’s research interest is in Medical and Health Informatics in particular, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Information Accountability (IA) and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) design and development. Tony possesses PhD in Computer Science (Computer Simulation and Modelling, DACE), and has experience working with researchers in developing customised technology applications for Clinical Decision Support Systems, Data warehousing, Data Integration and IT applications for healthcare decision making processes. Tony’s recent work is in developing IT educational applications for consumers in the PACT arena (People Accepting Controversial Technologies). Currently, Tony is supervising six PhD level research projects in the Medical Informatics, Health Informatics, eHealth and Health Information Technology research areas. Tony holds professional membership with ACM, IEEE, IBS, ACS, SSAI and HISA.

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