Kurt Naber



Dr Kurt G Naber is Assoc. Professor of Urology at the Technical University of Munich School of Medicine and from 1975-2006 he was Head of the Urologic Clinic, St Elisabeth Hospital in Straubing, a teaching hospital of the Technical University of Munich, Germany. 1966 he received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Munich School of Medicine. 1971 he was a research fellow at the Department of Urology of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. 1973 he finished his training as urologist at the University Hospital of Marburg and received his PhD (Habilitation). Dr Naber was President (1997-1999) of the Paul Ehrlich Society for Chemotherapy (PEG) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and President (1998-2000) of the Federation of European Societies for Chemotherapy and Infection (FESCI). He was the President of the 2nd European Congress of Chemotherapy 1998 in Hamburg, Germany. He was the President (2005-2009) and until 2013 member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC) for Infection and Cancer, he was the Chairman (1997-2007) – and still a board member - of the European Society for Infection in Urology (ESIU) affiliated to the European Association of Urology (EAU) and he was Chairman (1991-2013) and is Honorary Chairman of the UTI Commission of the ISC since 1991. Dr Naber is the author of more than 700 scientific articles and medical textbooks (more than 300 listed in PubMed) and serves on the editorial board of several journals. He is a member of numerous societies, including the German (DGU), European (EAU) and American (AUA) Urological Associations, the PEG, and the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID). His research interests include urological infections, especially clinical studies including the microbiology and pharmacokinetics of antimicrobials for the treatment of UTI and prostatitis. He received the Grayson Carroll Annual Award from the AUA (1972), the Felix Martin Oberlaender Award from the DGU (1998), and the Masaaki Ohkoshi Award from the ISC (2009). He is Honorary Member of the Slovak Society of Chemotherapy (1997), of the German Association of Urology (2010), of the International Society of Chemotherapy (2013), of the Hungarian Association of Urology (2013) and he received his doctor degree honoris cause (Dr.h.c.) from the St. Elizabeth University, Bratislava, Slovakia (2007).

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