Susana Puig



Dr. S. Puig graduated in 1988 at the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona in Spain and obtained her specialization diploma in Dermatology and Venereology in 1992 and the doctoral degree in 2000. She is a dermatologist, the director of the Dermatology Service and the director of the research program of the melanoma Unit at the University Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. Special research areas are dermoscopy, digital follow-up of melanocytic tumors, confocal microscopy and genetics of melanoma with the publication of more than 300 scientific articles, 2 dermoscopy books and more than 30 book chapters. She is or has been the main investigator of more than 12 research projects with a total founding of more than 2,400,000.00 euros. She is the principal investigator of several trials. She has been working in teaching with special interest in the area of dermoscopy, confocal microscopy and melanoma with the organisation of different national and international courses on these fields. She is member of the board of the International Dermoscopy Society and was the president of the Society Congress in 2009. She is member of Genomel (International genetic consortium) with special working in genetic susceptibility to melanoma, early diagnosis of melanoma and management of high-risk patients. She is member of the BioGenomel, a collaborative group with special interest in the identification of prognostic factors in melanomas as well as new therapies and prognostic factors for toxicity. She is member of the IMMOMEC working in Merkel cell tumours. She is member of the EORTC melanoma Group Board and she organized the EORTC Melanoma group meeting in Barcelona in October 2011 and in Majorca in September 2013. She is member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the European Academy of Dermatology, the European Society of Dermatology Research, the Spanish Academy of Dermatology, the European Society of Human Genetics, The Spanish society of Human Genetics.

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