Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVEN



Dr. Ugur Guven is an Aerospace Engineer as well as a Nuclear Engineer. His area of interest is Nuclear Space Propulsion and Interstellar Flight Methods along with Utilization of CFD in analyzing Nuclear Reactors and Analysis of Space Power Systems. In nuclear engineering, he is interested in Gas Core Reactors and Helium Cooled Reactors as well utilization of Gas Core Reactors in Space Propulsion. Dr Guven is actively working in the field of nuclear space propulsion for interstellar exploration missions. Dr Ugur Guven has published many papers in the field of Interstellar Space Exploration, Mission to Alpha Centauri, Mission to Lalande 21185, Mission to Wolf 359, Nuclear Propulsion Techniques for Spacecraft, Advanced Power Generation in Space, Utilization of Nuclear Energy on the Moon, Helium 3 Mining on the Moon for Fusion Technologies, as well as on a Mission to Mars using Nuclear Propulsion Techniques. He has also worked in analyzing the Heliopause as well as the Oort Cloud. Dr. Guven is currently working in a paper on advanced space mining methods. In Computational Fluid Dynamics, he works on Multidisciplinary Methods. He has also written over 50 papers and 30 opinion articles on the future of space technology and nuclear technology. Dr. Ugur Guven has published 6 books as author and coauthor including "Nuclear Propulsion Techniques for Spacecraft" ISBN: 978-3-8473-2269-6, and “Solid Rocket Propulsion for Space Exploration” ISBN: 978-3-659-30636-5 as well as other books related to Mitigation of Space Debris and on Introduction to Nanosatellites. His books can be seen in his Amazon profile at Dr. Guven has taught wide range of courses from Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity, Space Sciences, Plasma Physics, Nuclear Power Propulsion, Orbital Mechanics, Spacecraft Dynamics, Satellite Communications, CFD, Rocket Propulsion, and Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineers, FORTRAN Programming for Engineers, MATLAB Techniques for Advanced Numerical Methods, and Introduction to Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Ugur Guven is currently involved as a coordinator in a Nanosatellite project in collaboration with various universities and organizations all across the world. Prof. Dr. Ugur GUVEN is currently guiding 8 Master’s students as well as 11 PhD students on their thesis which comprises of both simulation and experimental work. One of his students has currently submitted a thesis on the Trajectory Analysis of a Spacecraft on a Polar Orbit Around a Kerr Blackhole. Dr. Guven has also supervised many student teams for various competitions all across the world and in 2012 his SAE student team has won the prestigious NASA Engineering Award. Dr. Ugur Guven is also a part-time consultant to several educational institutions all over the world on the preparation of suitable curriculum for various courses/workshops and seminars and he is frequently asked to review reports, oversee projects and to consult in general. Dr. Guven has also worked in many international corroboration projects such as the Creation of a Spaceport in the Southern Hemisphere. He is involved in several EU funded research projects related to Astronautics and CFD. Dr. Guven also provides consultancy to several high tech companies as well on innovative methods for solution of various problems. Dr. Guven also has provided consultancy to documentaries and non-fiction books about space travel. Dr. Guven has traveled to over 25 countries and he has worked in USA, Turkey, India, Mauritius, Switzerland and other locations. Dr. Guven has received a commendation for "The Best Teacher of the Year Award". His lectures and seminars are downloaded by students, teachers and engineers worldwide from his various engineering websites. Dr Guven lecture sites include Aerospace Lectures, Space Lectures, CFD Lectures, IT Lectures and Nuclear Lectures. Dr. Ugur Guven also works in improving educational and pedagogical techniques in higher education. Dr. Guven travels frequently all over the world to give seminars on the future of space technology and nuclear technology. His main passion is to pave the way for interstellar travel some day. You can see more of his profile at

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