Filipe A. Almeida Paz



Filipe Almeida Paz, born in Oiã (Portugal) in 1978, holds a first University degree in Chemistry (Analytical) from the University of Aveiro (in 2000). In January 2001, after being awarded a merit scholarship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), he headed to the United Kingdom to study towards his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge (Peterhouse College) under the supervision of Professor Jacek Klinowski (Physical Chemistry, University Chemical Laboratories). In 2001 he obtained his Certificate of Post-Graduate Studies in Natural Sciences, and in February 2004 he had his Ph.D. viva, both in Natural Sciences working on Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and zeolites. During this period he taught at the University of Cambridge for a continuous period of 2 years (part IB demonstrations at the Physical Chemistry sector) and was responsible for installing a Physical Chemistry Laboratory. Filipe returned to Portugal in the first half of 2004 to take the position of full-time Auxiliary Researcher in the Associated Laboratory CICECO, and constitute a research group working on novel crystalline MOF structures and in the use X-ray crystallography to solve complex chemical problems. He was recently promoted to Principal Investigator (as of August 2015) in CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, and has recently engaged in a tenure-track research position at the University of Aveiro (as of June 2017). The research interests of Filipe are currently focused on the sustainable design and development of new functional MOFs assembled from rare-earth cations and polyphosphonate organic linkers. He keeps neutering his great interest in the use of the X-ray diffraction to unveil the crystal feature of complex crystalline functional compounds or materials (e.g., bio-active and pharmaceutical molecules, heterogeneous catalysts and inorganic zeo-type functional materials). X-ray diffraction techniques (single-crystal and powder, synchrotron or laboratory) are usually combined in his group with other advanced studies such as solid-state NMR and, sometimes, theoretical calculations to solve in tandem the structure of interesting functional materials. His current research group comprises 2 Ph.D. students and 2 post-doctoral researchers working on various aspects of MOF chemistry spanning from the design and synthesis of novel organic linkers to the preparation of networks using a myriad of synthetic techniques (microwave and convection heating, static and dynamic synthesis, ultra-sound and one-pot reactions). In the past he has successfully supervised 6 Ph.D., 3 Master, 3 undergraduate students and many post-doctoral fellows and research students (from R&D projects). Over the years, his scientific and University activity was widely recognised through a number of attributed prizes, which include the Vicente de Seabra Medal (in 2015 from the Portuguese Chemical Society), recognising scientific quality and independence of a young researcher in Portugal, the Muir Wood Award in Science from Peterhouse (University of Cambridge, July 2004), the Dow Portugal Award as the valedictorian (best student) in the Chemistry course (University of Aveiro, 2000), and a couple of best poster prizes in conferences from the International Union of Crystallography. Filipe has over 340 papers published (or accepted for publication) and submitted to international journals cited in the Science Citation Index (senior corresponding author in more than 100), many of which of high impact factor, six book chapters, dozens of invited oral presentations, over 280 poster communications and was involved in the organisation of 5 international events/conferences. Currently he has more than 7300 citations with an h-index of 41 (source: ISI Web of Science). Over the years Filipe was the Principal Investigator of several R&D projects funded by both FCT and synchrotron sources, and is also a regular reviewer of large research projects for the National Science Centre in Poland (since 2013) and for the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grants). He is currently involved in a couple of R&D projects with industrial partners (ZSPharma - USA; Bosch Thermotecnology). Filipe maintains active scientific editorial duties working as co-Editor of the prestigious international journal Acta Crystallographica - Section C from the International Union of Crystallography, and was in the past an Associated Editor of RSC Advances.

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