Maria de Fátima Rosa

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Maria de Fátima Rosa (2016-01-24)

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Mesopotamia / Reception of Mesopotamian Antiquity

Maria de Fátima Rosa (2018-01-01)


Maria de Fátima Rosa is a post-doctoral fellow at FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She has a PhD in History of ancient Mesopotamia by the same University, with a thesis focused on the comprehension of the notions of time and order in the Syro-Mesopotamian kingdom of Mari, during the Amorrite period. She is an integrated researcher at CHAM – Centre for the Humanities (FCSH-UNL and UAc) and is currently working on a project that aims to analyse the Reception of Mesopotamian Antiquity in the Modern and Contemporary worlds. She also gives workshops and courses at NOVA FCSH that aim to strengthen this emerging field of work (Reception of Antiquity).

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