Munish Puri

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Enzyme technology, bioprocessing, bioactives and nanobiotechnology

Munish Puri (2013-07-30)

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Associate Professor Munish Puri is working to develop sustainable technologies through his expertise in “bioprocessing” that will make a difference to the communities we serve. The major area of my research includes “microbial bioprocessing” where an emphasis is laid upon developing technologies to produce and purify novel molecules such as bioactives(proteins, enzymes and Omega-3 fatty acids) from the variety of unexplored habitats such as marine, waste agriculture biomass. His lab employs novel nanotechnology techniques for enhancing the efficiency of various processes that have application in food biotechnology, nutraceutical and bio-energy sector. He has immensely contributed towards research areas including Food biotechnology, Nutraceuticals for human health and Nanobiotechnology for biofuel production.

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