Kia Kashi



Kia Kashi has a wide research experience in the areas of People Analytics, HRM and Organisational Psychology. His skills include a variety of qualitative (e.g., focus groups, laddering interview, and in-depth interview) and quantitative (e.g., multivariate analysis, SEM, and latent growth modelling) research and big data analysis (machine learning, NLP, text analytics) methods. His particular research interests are in People Analytics and how data can be used to better manage workforce. Kia has undertaken research on e-Recruitment and Social Recruiting technologies. In addition to his discipline-specific research, Kia has collaborated in several projects across different topics such as individual coping strategies and employee well-being. His work has published in numerous academic and practitioner outlets including International Journal of HRM, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Journal of Organisational Computing and Electronic Commerce, and Australian Human Resources Institute White Papers. Kia has an expert-level proficiency in several statistical modelling and visualisation tools including, IBM SPSS, EQS, MPlus, RapidMiner, and Tableau and is competent at R Studio and Python.

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