Rodrigo Ordoñez

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Rodrigo Ordoñez (2016-01-24)

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AAU employee profile

Rodrigo Ordoñez (2015-01-23)


I was born in 1972 in Valdivia Chile, where he studied Acoustic Engineering in the Universidad Austral de Chile. While finishing the degree from Valdivia I worked as a recording engineer in Santiago until early 1999 when I moved to Denmark to participate in the Masters Program in Acoustics of Aalborg University. I continued with a Ph.D. investigating the temporary effects on hearing produced by intense sound exposures. Throughout the Ph.D. and later as an Assistant Professor and an Associate Professor at Aalborg University, I have been teaching in the master program in acoustics and undergraduate programs in electronic engineering and engineering psychology, both as a lecturer and a supervisor in the project organized problem based learning programs at Aalborg University. My research has been centred in assessment of hearing thresholds and otoacoustic emissions, measurement of sound exposure and calibration of electro-acoustic systems. My research interests are centered on human sound exposure, temporary effects of hearing, audiometric measurements, otoacoustic emissions measurements, acoustic measurement techniques, effects and assessment of music sound exposure, psychoacoustics and psychophysics.

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