Volodymyr Stefanovych Biletskyy (Ukrainian: Володимир Стефанович Білецький) (born 1950 in Ukraine) is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Mining Sciences, Member of Shevchenko Scientific Society, and a Ukrainian researcher in coal mining, Professor of Donetsk National Technical University. He is also a vigorous socio-political activist, author and editor. Biletskyy is the founder and Director of the Ukrainian Centre of Cultural Studies (Donetsk, Ukraine). Resident in the coal mining area of Donbas for over 30 years, Biletskyy has devoted himself to mining technology - as a practising engineer, inventor and scholar. Biletskyy was the initiator and project manager of Mining Encyclopedia (1998–2011), which resulted in creating a nationally unified mining terminological system in Ukraine, with the publishing of a 3-volume Mining Encyclopedic Dictionary (2001–2004) and Small Mining Encyclopedia (2004, 2007) to follow. As a scientist, Biletskyy’s interests include such areas as adhesion of liquids on hard surfaces, mineral processing, automatic control of mining processes, coal mining technologies, hydraulic coal transportation and coal-water separation, to mention but a few. He laid the scientific foundations and developed the technology of oil coal agglomeration in Ukraine. He is the author of the theory and the applications of adhesive gold dressing; he has also investigated the specificity of adhesive bonds of supra-molecular structure substances. Biletskyy patented his numerous ideas, in particular, on various processing and transporting technologies, as well as on automatic processing, in Ukraine and Russia. A holder of the Mississippi Education Consortium and the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships Certificates, he has been co-working with other researchers and research organizations internationally. Biletskyy has published over 450 academic papers, including more than 30 books (monographs, course books, dictionaries and encyclopedias), and 60 patented inventions to his credit. He is also the author of over 200 articles in science-popular magazines and science journals. As an editor and publisher, Biletskyy’s contribution is also manifold. He is a founder and editor-in-chief of the national scientific and informational-analytical journal Skhid (since 1995 an academic periodical in philosophy, history and economics); the originator and co-editor of Donetsk Herald of Shevchenko Scientific Society. Biletskyy is a co-founder and head of the Donetsk Affiliation of Shevchenko Scientific Society (1997), of the Donetsk Affiliation of Ukrajina-Svit Association (1997), and of the Donetsk Regional Association of the Ukrainian language (1989). He heads the research and editing foundation, Ukrainian Centre of Culture Studies (Donetsk, Ukraine), which he founded in 1994, and is currently on the Consultative Council for Nationalities Questions at the Donetsk Region State Administration.

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