Saeid Abbasbandy



Saeid Abbasbandy is a Full Professor at Imam Khomeini International University in Iran. He is an internationally recognized expert in many areas of applied mathematics, numerical analysis, fuzzy numerical analysis, fuzzy approximations, fuzzy ranking, numerical ordinary differential equations, numerical partial differential equation, and numerical integral equations. Dr. Abbasbandy is the Editor-in-Chief of the Communications in Numerical Analysis (ISSN 2193-4215), Area Editor for Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems, Editor for Journal of Applied Mathematics, Editor for Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Editor for International Journal of Industrial Mathematics, Editor for Mathematical & Computational Applications, Editor for Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, Editor for Applications and Applied Mathematics, Editor for Journal of Classical Analysis, Editor for Studies in Nonlinear Sciences, Editor for International Journal of Information Engineering, Editor for Mathematical Sciences: Quarterly Journal, Editor for Applied Mathematics and Computational Intelligence, Editor for Asia-Pacific Journal of Information Technology and Multimedia, Editor for Iranian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Optimization. Visit for more information of him.

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