Stephen G Oliver



SRC Res. Fellow, Univ. of Calif, Irvine, 1974–77; Lectr in Microbiol., Univ. of Kent, Canterbury, 1977–81; Sen. Lectr in Applied Molecular Biol., 1981–87, Prof. of Biotechnol., 1987–99, UMIST; Prof. of Genomics, Univ. of Manchester, 1999–2007. Ed.-in-Chief, Yeast, 1985–. Chairman: MRC Bioinformatics and Mathematical Biol. Fellowships Panel, 2001–04; Wellcome Trust Molecules, Genes and Cells Funding Cttee, 2004–08. FMedSci 2002. Fellow, Amer. Acad. for Microbiol., 2000; FAAAS 2008; Mem. EMBO 2004. Hon. Member: Hungarian Acad. of Scis, 1998; British Mycol Soc., 2008

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