Tania Verge



I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). I earned my PhD at Universidad Complutense (Madrid) in 2005, with a doctoral dissertation entitled Partidos y representación política: Las dimensiones del cambio en los partidos políticos españoles (Parties and political representation: Dimensions of change within Spanish political parties). In 2006-2007 I was Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Sussex. I have also worked as Senior Researcher at the Centre d'Estudis d'Opinió (CEO). My primary research interests lie in political representation, gender and politics, and political parties. Indeed, these areas of research very often intersect. For example, my current research explores the gender biases in party candidate selection processes, gender quota adoption and implementation, and the gendered informal institutions that hinder women's participation within political parties. I am also interested in the interaction between multi-level settings and the party organization as well as in party-group relationships. I was the local organizer of the 3rd European Conference on Politics and Gender, organized by the ECPR Standing Group on Politics and Gender, which gathered almost 500 researchers from all over the world. I am the winner of the 2015 ECPG Best Paper in Gender and Politics Award: 'The Symbolic Impact of Women's Representation on Citizens' Political Attitudes: Measuring the Effect through Survey Experiments' (co-authored by Ana Espírito-Santo and Nina Wiesehomeier). Since 2014 I am the Rector's Delegate for Gender Equality Policies at the UPF (see UPF Igualtat).

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