Mario J. Simirgiotis

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Analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, natural products, isolation, structure elucidation, NMR, HPLC-PDA-MS analysis

Mario J. Simirgiotis (2013-09-20)

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1993-1997: Getting my Pharmacyst Degree, at the National University of San Luis, Argentina, (UNSL, Magna Cum Laude), 1998-2003. Getting my Ph D in Pharmaceutical Sciences also at UNSL (A: Maximum grade), 2004-2005: Work as a Pharmacyst in a Private Pharmacy in Argentina. 2006: Postdoctoral fellow at Lehman College, City University of New York, (CUNY), USA. 2007: Post doctoral fellow at Laboratory of Natural Products, University of Talca, Chile. 2008: Assistant Professor at University of Concepción Chile. 2009-2010: Researcher of CONICET (National Research Council of Argentina) at University of Buenos Aires, (UBA) Argentina. 2010-2016: Associate Professor at University of Antofagasta, Chile. 2016-Present : Associate Professor at Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile