Vladimir Pletser



Mechanical Eng., MSc Geophysics, PhD Astrophysics (Louvain Univ., Belgium) Visiting Professor – Scientific Adviser for microgravity projects, Technology & Engineering Centre for Space Utilisation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2016-now) Developing scientific instruments for microgravity research in fluid physics, protein & zeolite crystallisation, dexterous manipulation for space flights; and responsible of parabolic flight campaigns at European Space Agency (1985-16) Visiting Professor in 20 Univ. in Europe, Africa, USA, Canada, Israel, China (1988-now) Assistant Professor, Kinshasa Univ. (1982-85) Logged 7300 parabolas (=39h18m 0g, =26 Earth orbits); 1000 physical and life science experiments Belgian Astronaut Candidate since 1991; Spacelab LMS Payload Specialist training (NASA-JSC, 1995); 3 Mars mission simulations: Arctic (2001), Utah Desert (2002, 2009 as Crew Commander) 500+ publications, incl. 13 books or chapters, 59 papers in ref. journals, 127 papers in int. conf. proc.

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