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The Launch Partners Program was a pre-launch opportunity to be a part of our closed beta, and receive early support for ORCID integration efforts. A number of organizations from across the scholarly community used this opportunity to integrate with the ORCID Registry.  Participating in the ORCID Launch Partners Program are research institutions, publishers, research funders, data repositories, and third party developers.    Webinars presented as a part of this program are available on the Integrators component of this Website. 

Launch Partners

The following organizations participated in the Launch Partners program. We thank the Launch Partners for their participation, helpful feedback, and early integration of ORCID identifiers. We will be posting examples of integrations as they become available.

  • American Physical Society 
  • Aries Systems
  • AVEDAS  learn more...
  • Boston University
  • California Institute of Technology
  • CrossRef
  • Elsevier (Scopus)  learn more...
  • Faculty of 1000
  • figshare
  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation  learn more...
  • KNODE, Inc.
  • Nature Publishing Group  learn more...
  • SafetyLit
  • Symplectic
  • Thomson Reuters
  • ImpactStory  learn more...
  • Wellcome Trust