ORCID Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: July 26, 2012

Location: Teleconference

In attendance:

  • Liz Allen, Wellcome Trust
  • Micah Altman, MIT
  • Linda Beebe, CrossRef (alternate)
  • Amy Brand, Harvard
  • Jackie Ewenstein, Legal Counsel
  • Martin Fenner, Hannover
  • Laure Haak, ORCID Executive Director
  • Thomas Hickey, OCLC
  • Karen Hunter, Elsevier (alternate)
  • David Kochalko, Thomson Reuters
  • Laura Paglione, ORCID Technical Director
  • Howard Ratner, NPG (chair)
  • Bernard Rous, ACM
  • Chris Shillum, Elsevier
  • Hideaki Takeda, NII
  • Craig Van Dyck, Wiley
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell


  • Salvatore Mele, CERN
  • Ed Pentz, CrossRef


The Board discussed budget and financials, membership policy, trademark registration,  and received updates from the Executive Director, Technical Director, Outreach Working Group, and Nominating committee. A launch date for the Registry was formalized.

Motions Passed:

MOTION: Approve May, 2012 Board meeting minutes. (9 aye, 0 nay, 0 abstain, 1 not on call)
MOTION: The decision on vendor selection for bookkeeping and accounting will be left to EXCO, with a chance for the audit committee to review. (10 aye, 0 nay, 0 abstain)
MOTION: ORCID Board members who wish to apply for sponsored research awards that name ORCID, whether as a beneficiary or as a development partner, must obtain approval from ORCID by contacting ORCID’s Executive Director, who will determine whether to forward the proposal to the Executive Committee. Proposals involving funds over $200K, requiring ORCID development resources, or that otherwise raise questions will be brought before the Board for discussion. (10 aye, 0 nay, 0 abstain)
MOTION: The Board delegates to EXCO the right to review an agreement between ORCID US and ORCID EU on the trademark. (8 aye, 0 nay, 2 abstain)
MOTION: The Board approved a revised spend on technology to achieve the 1.1 launch plan. (9 aye, 0 nay, 0 abstain. 1 not on call)